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2017 Sunset Scribbles – TOP 5 – Holiday Gifts for travelers!!

Are you having a hard time finding a unique or fun gift for the travelers in your life?  (or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something awesome?)  Check out these holiday gift suggestions aka Sunset Scribbles “Top 5” of 2017!


1) Handmade eye mask &/or passport cover

I only recently started bringing along an eye mask on trips, and let me tell you they are a total game changer!  It’s just so much more chill, and easier to fall asleep with the help of an eye mask blocking out some of the light and commotion… especially on a longer flight.  Since I love them so much, I started making them!  The passport covers are fun to use, and it’s easy to sort a stack of passports if you’re traveling in a group!  Check out these handmade accessories on Etsy via my store: Crazy Beagle   Custom orders may be available, so send a message to inquire!

Also…. COUPON CODE ALERT!!!    Use the code:  SUNSETSCRIBBLES  to save $2.50 off of orders $10 and up! (sale dates from 11/21/2017-12/1/2017)

Eye mask & passport cover for travelers

2) Fitbit Alta

So I’ve been tracking my steps off and on since the start of pedometers being accessible.  But lets be real, I don’t get many steps without REALLY TRYING on most days.  BUT my curiosity and active travel style makes me most excited to track steps while traveling.  Most days on vacation my steps are through the roof (especially days with running through the airport haha).  I recently retired my original Fitbit, and ordered the Alta.  I love it!  The other Fitbit kept falling out of my pocket (why do girl pockets have to be so shallow?) and the clip had seen better days.  That Fitbit got a lot of love, and was well used, so an upgrade was definitely appropriate.  I love the steps challenges you can do in groups with friends, or even solo challenges where you “walk” through famous paths and can see pictures as you “travel along”  Fun & motivating to keep active and moving.  (photo is link to check it out for yourself!)

Not only is the Fitbit Alta great with being worn on the wrist, but you can order a bunch of cute replacement wristbands to change things up!  (I just bought this one, and LOVE IT)


3) Pacsafe crossbody bag

I received one of these cross body bags as a birthday gift from my brother & sister-in-law before our trip to South Africa.  Although the link isn’t the exact one I have, it is very similar.  Not only does this bag have several anti-theft features, it is a great size for short outings to carry along the essentials.  The company has a wide variety of other sizes and styles to check out too, there’s something for every purpose!  Since our trip to Africa, this bag has been my go-to instead of carrying a purse.  I love that it keeps your arms and hands free so you don’t have to set it down or juggle things to take pictures or eat… or whatever else.

cross body travel bag anti-theft



4) Battery Pack charger

My brother also gave us this awesome gift a few years ago (he is so good at finding cool things!) and we use it all the time when we travel.  It’s especially awesome for camping or long days without a chance to plug in anywhere.  The battery pack link is not the exact one we have, but this is similar.


5) Gift certificate for a photo website

My #1 favorite souvenir from traveling actually isn’t something I buy on the road… it’s the pictures I print, or the photo album I make after!  Why not give a gift card for a site like Shutterfly, or Picaboo? is my go-to for photo albums.  The software is easy to use, and you can customize your photo book exactly how you like it.  Also, I like that all my books are the same size, and I use the same background design (on the inside pages) so they look like a set.

gift ideas for travelers 2017
A few photo books I’ve made on Picaboo


Happy shopping!  Have any other great ideas for gifts to give a traveler?  Drop you ideas below in the comments!


Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, however the links are to products I personally use (or are very similar), and all opinions are my own.


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