3 cheap “must have” souvenirs!

It’s always fun to get souvenirs on vacation to remind you the fun times once you get back to the reality of everyday life.

But, no need to break the bank buying knick knacks you don’t have a place to put, or another t-shirt that doesn’t get worn… (sometimes those things are nice too though, don’t get me wrong!)

I have three big “must haves” from every trip I go on.  [although #1 I only have from in the U.S.]


  1. pressed penny

51 cents to have a small reminder of wherever you’re visiting is just something you can’t beat!  Not only is it cheap, but it’s also super small, so you don’t have to worry about using precious luggage space to get it home.

Pressed Penny
Pressed penny – Alaska Zoo


2.  Photographs:

I make sure to go crazy and take TONS of pictures on the trip.  When I get home, I love looking over and organizing the photos & then make an album using an online website.  When I have a coupon, or they run a sale, I order my book!   We also usually print our favorite photo from the trip as an 8×10, and frame it for our wall.


3. Postcards:

Sometimes you just can’t get the perfect photo of something the area is known for, so I like to buy a couple of postcards too :)




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