6 Tips to travel on a budget!

Summer time is near, and that means vacation time and warm weather outings for many!  But, travel doesn’t have to break the bank, here are a few of my favorite budget friendly travel tips!

6 Tips to travel on a budget!


  1. Take a road trip! – near or far, depending on gas prices etc.
  2. Camp – on its own this can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way to save money if you just need a place to sleep at night while you’re out touring during the day.
  3. Staycation – think about all those touristy things you’d go to if you had guests visiting from out of town.  Have you seen them lately yourself?  Probably not, so why not play tourist in your own town?
  4. Fly with flexible destination/dates – Scoring a sweet travel deal is so exciting!  But, it’s hard to do if you have a lot of specific details in mind.  If you’re open with your plans, keep your eyes peeled for last-minute deals or special sales, and you can really find some great prices.  Once you see a deal that looks interesting, research the location a bit, and see if it’s a fit for you.
  5. Pack snacks/sandwiches – It doesn’t matter if you’re driving or flying somewhere, if you pack some food, not only will you save some time by not standing in line or pulling off the highway, you’ll save money by not having to eat at a restaurant or park which can have inflated prices.
  6. Free activities/events – I’m always surprised by how many free activities there are that you might not initially think of.  Several places I’ve visited have had a wide selection of free museums, concerts, building tours, festivals etc.  Even with leaving a tip, these events can be a lot of fun, and not cost much money.

What are some of your favorite ways to save money on travel?

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