Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL

Abraham Lincoln Museum – Springfield, IL

When planning our weekend in Springfield, I knew that the Abraham Lincoln Museum was a must visit site!  We also checked out the display they had set up at Union Station with props, sets, and costumes from the movie “Lincoln” which only cost another couple of dollars when paired with a regular museum ticket.

First off I have to say I was very impressed by the displays at the museum.  The wax figures were so lifelike, and there was a nice flow to the layout if you start on the left side of the museum with Lincoln’s log cabin and work your way to the right, ending at the White House display.  (I went about it in the opposite direction not realizing the order but it still worked well)  So much thought and planning went into this museum, above and beyond the norm.

Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL
Lincoln Museum – Chicago, IL – young Lincoln

Ever since taking a museum studies course in college, I look at museums differently than before.  I spend a lot of time focusing on lighting, angles, and design of displays more so than the actual printed content, although I do read many of the signs too.  I really felt like the displays captured the emotions well such as sadness/grieving in the part of the White House display telling of the loss of one of Lincoln’s sons.  Walking down the hallway leading to the main display about the Emancipation Proclamation was so intense and interesting.  If you stop and listen at each section of the hallway you hear people telling their opinions, but if you just stand in the hallway or walk down it without trying to listen there is so much chaos, you can feel the stress of conflicting opinions!

Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL
Lincoln Museum – Chicago, IL – Lincoln family


Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL
Lincoln Museum – Chicago, IL – Ulysses S. Grant


Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL
Lincoln Museum – Chicago, IL – John Wilkes Booth
Lincoln Museum - Springfield, IL
Lincoln Museum – Chicago, IL – Sojourner Truth & Frederick Douglass

Not only were the displays well done, but there were museum employees nearby most of the large displays (at least when we were there) that were happy to give a little history lesson :)  Also, there were 2 different shows to see at the museum that were very well done.  We saw “Lincoln’s Eyes” and “Ghosts of the Library” which was extremely well done.

There was so much to see at the museum.  It’s hand’s down my favorite museum I’ve been to so far.

I highly recommend a visit to this museum, and hope to get back there again!

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