Airboat ride

Airboat ride – Florida Everglades

This past summer while visiting the east coast of Florida, we excitedly booked an airboat ride in the everglades through Sawgrass Recreation Park in Weston.  In addition to the airboat rides, they also have some wildlife exhibits.  We got there close to when those exhibits would be closing for the day, but still did a brief walk through & there was quite a wide variety of animals to see.

It wasn’t much of a wait before meeting up with the rest of the group going on the airboat ride; we met our Captain, got the rules, then went onboard.



Airboat ride - Florida Everglades
Airboat ride – Florida Everglades

The captain drove a ways and then would stop to look around for signs of alligators, as well as point out other wildlife.  We learned a lot about alligators behavior and habitat, as well as birds, and other animals that live in the everglades.

The trip went pretty quickly, and we didn’t see any gators… until we were a minute away from the dock & my husband spotted a young one not too far from the boat!  We stopped and several people got a glance at it [I missed it!] and my husband was super excited since this was his first time in the Everglades.  (I went on a different tour when I was younger and we saw a bunch of alligators, so I was just happy he got to see one :)  )

Airboat ride - Florida Everglades - fake alligator
Airboat ride – Florida Everglades – fake alligator

I did see this alligator though [above] which I totally loved haha.  It was a cute little statue on the front of one of the other airboats at the dock.

Airboat ride - Florida Everglades
Airboat ride – Florida Everglades

It’s a fun trip to do though if you’re in the area!

They also offered night time tours, which I thought sounded awesome, but we didn’t get a chance to do it this time.

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