Here’s a scan of one of my printed (from film) pictures of the Sydney Opera House & the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  (The trip to Australia was just before I got my first digital camera)

Sydney Opera House & Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Opera House and Bridge
Sydney Opera House and Bridge

This was a class trip with the music department at my High School (so yes, it’s been awhile!).  It was incredible to tour the east coast with my classmates, and my Dad who came along too :)  The trip was a nice mixture of sightseeing, and playing concerts, including one at the Sydney Opera House!  We were usually on the move and staying in hotels, but we had a neat opportunity to tour a school in Camden, and stay with host families for a couple nights there too.

I remember hanging out at the beach in Surfers Paradise, going shopping for opal jewelry, going to the zoo where we got to hang out with the kangaroos and hold a koala.  We did some snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, and also went to this place where we learned how to make eucalyptus tea (I think?) and how to crack a whip and throw a boomerang.

I’ll have to dig out my photo album this summer because it’s hard to remember the details!  This trip is the only one (that’s outside the US) where I didn’t have a digital camera, so it really is a trip down memory lane when the pictures aren’t at your fingertips on the computer.  Good times though, I’d love to get back to Australia some day.

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