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If you’ll be visiting Wisconsin during the summer I highly recommend checking out a “breakfast at the farm” event.  If you haven’t been to Wisconsin, summers are the perfect time to visit, there are so many cool activities to do.

I have gone to 3 or 4 breakfast at the farm events over the past few years.  It’s great because there are different farms that host the event in different counties each year, and it’s a fun day trip or mini road trip depending on which event catches your eye :)

This year, we visited “Pagels Ponderosa Dairy” in Kewaunee (it’s on the way to Door County, another place full of fun summer tourist options).  Every breakfast at the farm I’ve gone to, I have been very impressed.  They have all had great breakfasts, with a lot of variety of foods, and lots of games and activities for children as well as adults.  My favorite part of touring Pagels Ponderosa this year was seeing the rotary style milking parlor.  Quite an operation, and really cool to see.


Rotary style milking parlor
Rotary milking parlor


Breakfast at the farm:

There was quite a crowd when we arrived at the farm this year, but lines actually moved pretty quickly.  We started out with breakfast, which included milk (or water), scrambled eggs (which you could watch them making in mass quantity, super cool!), yogurt or cottage cheese (3 flavor choices of yogurt), cheese curds!, mozzarella stick, pizza, bread (two choices) and strawberry ice cream.  Needless to stay, we were stuffed!  During breakfast there was a live polka band playing, and they helped set a fun mood for a fun morning.  After breakfast, we toured around the farm.  First we saw the cows, then waiting in line to check out the milking operation.  The rotary milking parlor was really neat!  I had never seen one in person before, so I was pretty excited.  We were able to watch the cows from outside the parlor, then went to a 2nd level viewing area where you could actually see cows loading and leaving the rotary parlor on their own.  There were educational signs throughout which described the process of the milking parlor and farm operation overall, and people located throughout who were happy to answer questions.

Dairy Days of Summer
Breakfast at the farm

After seeing the milking parlor, we were able to view a cheese making area.  They were between batches when we went by, but it was still neat to see.  I’ve seen the process before, otherwise may have waited to see the next batch.  There was also a video being played about farming which we didn’t sit down to watch, but did look interesting.

Next, we walked around looking for the petting zoo area to see the calves.  On our way to that area, we passed several booths set up under tents that had cute games and activities for kids, and a tent with cheese samples :) The petting zoo area had the most precious calves that were only a couple of days old.  There were also chickens, goats, rabbits, and a pony.  After soaking in the farm animal cuteness, we went on a tractor ride to see more of the farm.  We were probably there for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, which was a nice amount of time for us to see everything but if bringing children along I’d plan for a longer visit to check out some of the games and activities.

Dairy Days of Summer
Holstein calf

Breakfast at the farm is great for all ages, and definitely worth checking out!


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