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Bring your own rod! – fishing on the go

My husband & I love fishing.  Well he loves it, and I like doing a little fishing… and then hanging out outside and taking pictures of random things while he keeps fishing.  Anyways, when we decided we were going on a backpacking trip in Alaska, we invested in some travel fishing poles.  We bought fishing licenses and did a fair amount of fishing on that trip, and the poles have been handy for other outings back home again since then.  If you are tight on space (we’ve broken many of the tips off of our normal rods trying to cram everything into our car) or are traveling light, I’d highly recommend these poles (pic is link):

We both have our own, and purchased them on Amazon.  I was impressed with how quick & easy the poles are to set up and take apart.  They were great for travel, and were nicely protected in our bags in the hard cases they came in.


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