Do you keep one?

Do you keep a journal when you travel? I do, usually… That’s actually how I got the name “Sunset Scribbles” for my blog, since every evening I’d write the adventures from the day in a little journal. My handwriting is chicken scratch, aka the “Scribbles” and I’d generally reflect on the day while watching the sunset.

I haven’t actually gone back and read any of my journal entries from old trips, now that I’m thinking about it… but I think it’ll be pretty fun to read in the future.  So many times when we travel we cram so much into each day it’s hard to even remember what happened that day let alone later, so I bet there will be a lot of cool memories I’d forgotten about when I do go back and read through those journals.

Here’s a cute journal I found on amazon, that I’ll probably order soon (or one similar, there are so many cute ones on there!)<affiliate>

I forgot my travel journal for our last trip, so ended up doing little video updates a couple of days with the hopes that eventually I’ll transfer it to a journal or blog about it :)

Do you keep a journal on your trips?  What style do you like?

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