Don’t forget! – Must haves for group travel & beyond

We’ve traveled in many different ways: solo adventures, road trips, trips we’ve planned to the max, trips we just “wing” when we get there, and some travel group and “all-inclusive” type trips.

Basically our trip type depends on what’s on sale at the time, and how much time we have/want to use for planning.  Each trip type requires a different approach to packing.

Our most recent trip was with a group where everything was pre-planned for us and we just needed to show up in the morning.  These types of trips are great, but I got a little lazy when it came to preparing for it.  So, here’s a list of things to BE SURE TO PACK for pretty much any trip you go on… but may be over looked when packing for a pre-planned trip.

12 things to be sure to pack!

  1. Travel alarm clock (battery operated) – don’t always count on your phone!
  2. Power converters/adapters if traveling out of the country – if you forget yours some hotels may let you borrow or rent one… if you’re lucky.
    1. Having a power strip or something with multiple plugs is great when needing to charge camera batteries and phones etc without having to wake up in the night
    2. Also bringing multiple camera batteries so one can be charging while the other is in use is helpful if you’ll be taking a lot of pictures.
  3. Medications & supplies – even if you’ve never needed them in the past… be sure to pack a variety.  Keep in mind, you may not be near a drug store or have access to what you need when you need it.
    1. The minimum I like to bring: Band-aids, Neosporin, gauze, medical tape, tweezers, small scissors, Tums, Imodium, Tylenol, Benadryl, & anti-itch cream.
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Aloe
  6. Bug spray
  7. Hat
  8. Sunglasses
  10. Toilet paper or tissues
  11. Lip balm & Hand cream
  12. Safety pins/mini sewing kit

Obviously the essentials to pack depend on where you’re headed, but these are some key items to consider.

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