Drive in theater on Route 66! – Springfield, IL

If you’re traveling along Route 66, or plan on being in Springfield, IL for the night the Drive In movie theater is a lot of fun!

It got pretty busy 5-10 minutes before the listed show time, so I was glad we got there about 20 minutes early and had a pretty nice selection of where to park.  After getting the car situated, we went to the concession stand to see what they had.  Prices were reasonable, and they had a nice variety of food, treats, and drinks.  We ended up getting popcorn and some candy.  Then, we went back to the car and waited for show time!


There are 2 screens, and each had back to back movies featured for the evening.  We only made it through the first one (I may have fallen asleep for part of it… oops!), and then headed home.  Wish I was more awake, the 2nd movie would have been fun.

I didn’t really plan ahead before going, but there are some key things I need to remember at my next drive-in movie outing.

5 things to bring to a Drive-In movie

1) A blanket (or several!)  – it was a pretty windy day, and even inside the car it got pretty cold.

2) Pillow(s) – To make the car seat more comfortable

3) Snacks & water bottles (if the specific drive-in allows it)

4) Fold out chairs – in case the weather is nice enough to sit outside the car

5) Bug repellant – if sitting outside


Other things to do in Springfield

Lincoln – movie sets, costumes, & props

Charlie Parker’s Diner

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