Exit Glacier – Alaska

Lots of traveling over the past month, and very little reliable internet (hence the break in my blogging!)

We recently got back from our adventures in Alaska.  We flew into Anchorage, rented a car and camped along our way.  It was a lot of fun, but there were certainly things we learned to better prepare for similar trips in the future.  I’ll share that on the individual posts as I write about our trip.

But, lets start with our visit to Exit Glacier!  I’d been wanting to check it out and read about it a lot on-line before our trip.  We almost didn’t do it since we had a boat tour booked in Seward that morning and only had a little over an hour to spare after we packed up our campsite.  I believe the sign at Exit Glacier says it’s a 1-2 hour hike, round trip so we were determined to walk quickly in the rain to see how far we’d get before having to turn around.

Exit Glacier hike

Exit Glacier trail sign - AK
Exit Glacier trail sign – AK

The trail was paved for the first stretch (so much different than our backcountry camping excursion in Denali!)  The areas closer to the glacier were still nicely cleared paths but sometimes uneven.

We followed the signs for the “edge of the glacier” and made it there and back in about an hour.  We stopped to take pictures and read a couple signs, however I think another 30 minutes would have been a good amount of time to spend if you weren’t in a rush.  There were some signs we walked past, and a lot of beautiful scenery.

Exit Glacier - AK
Exit Glacier – AK

These pictures don’t do the glacier justice, especially with the overcast sky.  In person you can better see blue crevasses in the glacier, it is pretty cool.

Exit Glacier 2015 - AK
Exit Glacier 2015 – AK

We made it back in time for our boat trip… which was actually also to see glaciers.  I am glad we did both!

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