Batik - Grenada

Fabrics & Crafts – Grenada

In addition to my love for travel, I LOVE sewing, and pretty much anything crafty.  When we’re traveling, I try to find an opportunity to check out local fabric stores, or really anything artsy.  If you are at all like me (and even if you aren’t) then a stop at Art Fabrik, in Grenada is a MUST!

They have absolutely gorgeous batik fabrics, and clothing made of beautiful cloth in fun colors and designs.  Every excuse I had to go to this store, I took it!  In addition to some of their unique fabrics, I also bought some other touristy things like books, and jewelry.  It was such a fun shopping experience too, and once while I was there, they gave us a tour of the studio! (there’s a tip/donation jar, to show your appreciation)  It was so exciting to see the artists and how they make the fabrics designs.

Some of my favorite items from this store were these adorable batik squares.  I had my eye on them, but wasn’t sure what I’d make with them, and my cousin had a cute idea that they would look pretty framed in a craft room or even in a babies nursery… So of course that was enough encouragement for me to pick out a few!

Batik - Grenada Batik - Grenada

(I guess I should iron these, hah)

Fantastic store, can’t wait to go back next time we make it back to the island!  You are certain to find some gorgeous hand crafted souvenirs here.

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