Future Plans – Alaska

Planning our trip to Alaska

Lately most of our travel has been to warmer climates and beaches, so we are planning a backpacking trip to Alaska to change things up!  It sure will be an interesting adventure.  I did a lot of research for what we’d need to bring last year, just in time for all the Black Friday sales, but haven’t done much since.

Here are a couple of things we bought for the trip (I’ll let you know what worked out for us after we get back)

Supplies purchased so far…

We each got a self inflating mattress (Fox Outfitters Ultralight Series) to bring (if we have space in our bag)  They seemed to roll up nice and small, but I know backpack space can get tight, especially if you are new to it, like us.  We ordered the “regular” length for me, and the “long” for my husband, both seem to be just right.

We decided on the Ledge Sports FeatherLite 20 degree sleeping bags.  They are so much less bulky than our other sleeping bags, which is great.  We will be using a lot of camping things we already have, and won’t be doing anything too crazy hiking wise when we get there.

Oh yeah, and we also both got new hiking boots.  Don’t worry though, we have been doing our best to break them in well before the trip.

Images below are links to supplies similar to those we purchased! (affiliate)

3 thoughts on “Future Plans – Alaska

    • British Columbia, Canada looks so beautiful! Some day I’d like to get there too. We’ll spend a little time in Anchorage, and then probably rent a car so we can explore some National Parks and other areas. Most of the time we’ll be hiking, but I’m hoping we can do some sort of a boat trip to see whales. We are trying to make the trip as frugal as possible (bringing a lot of our own food, and camping), but don’t have a specific budget mapped out, since it is a place we may never get back to and we don’t want to miss something big.

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