Galapagos – tortoises!

OK so I’m behind on the news… but just read about baby tortoises being found in the Galapagos on Pinzón Island!  It has been over 100 years since hatchlings have survived on that island, and this is great news for the endangered species.

Here are a couple pictures of Galapagos tortoises from my visit to the islands (Isabela, Floreana, & Santa Cruz) in 2011:

Galapagos - tortoise
Galapagos – tortoise

It was so much fun to watch them roam :)

Galapagos - tortoise
Galapagos – tortoise

2 thoughts on “Galapagos – tortoises!

  1. I enjoyed all your articles. Four of us are planning a trip to the islands in October 2017. Do you have any other suggestions? We will be on a tour but unfortunately not FP. We will be a party of energetic 60 yr olds.

    • That is so exciting!! Which group are you going with? We met up with some people there who were traveling through other groups too :) I have a feeling you will absolutely love your trip, a visit to the Galapagos is unlike anything else!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my articles, in case you didn’t see the one with some tips for packing, here’s a link: In addition to those items, if you’ll be boating between islands I’d be sure to bring some warm layers, it got pretty breezy out on the water and I was glad to have a sweatshirt and jacket along.

      I hope you have an absolutely incredible time!!

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