Glacier cruise – Seward, Alaska

One of my favorite activities from our trip to Alaska this past summer was a Glacier cruise.  We went on our trip through Kenai Fjords, and did the 6 hour National Park Tour.

The weather was rainy and cold when we went, but we were told that was usually the best time to see whales.  It definitely was a great day for wildlife viewing.  We saw puffins, sea lions, humpback whales, and a pod of orcas (including a baby!) and I’m sure I’m forgetting others.

Glacier cruise - Seward, Alaska - Orcas
Glacier cruise – Seward, Alaska – Orcas

A few things about the trip:

1)  If you are prone to motion/sea sickness, I would highly advise taking medicine beforehand.  I forgot to, and had some rough moments.

2) Bring a camera with tons of memory space!  They announced over the loud-speaker whenever wildlife was spotted so you could go out on deck and snap pictures.

3) Make sure your belongings are strapped onto you when on deck.  You wouldn’t want to lose a camera or a hat overboard.

4) I’m not sure how much worse the waves were when we went than on an average day, but a lot of the children on board were sea sick.  Knowing that, I think I’d wait to bring kids until they’re a little older, unless you know they aren’t prone to it.

5) We had lunch and a snack (cookie) provided, and it was great!  We also brought some of our own snacks, and they had a concession stand on board.  [hot apple cider hit the spot after standing out on the cold deck watching the whales :) ]

Glacier cruise - Seward, Alaska
Glacier cruise – Seward, Alaska

We saw a huge glacier calving!  It sounded so crazy.

Glacier cruise - Seward, Alaska - Humpback whale
Glacier cruise – Seward, Alaska – Humpback whale

Overall the trip was amazing.  The 6 hours went pretty fast, but for us it was the perfect amount of time.  We saw so many amazing animals and learned a lot about glaciers.  The Captain and crew were wonderful.  I really hope to go back some day in the future!

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