Grand Etang - Grenada

Grand Etang National Forest – Grenada, West Indies

3 Key points for those who say: TLDR (too long; didn’t read)

  1. Grand Etang is beautiful, and definitely worth a visit
  2. Wear old tennis shoes
  3. If you get car sick, consider motion sickness prevention meds for the car ride there


If you’ll be visiting Grenada, I highly recommend a trip to Grand Etang National Forest which is in Saint Andrew Parish. I have gone to Grand Etang several times, and it’s so pretty.  But, be careful because depending on the weather, it can be very muddy and slippery.  You’ll definitely want to wear an old pair of tennis shoes if you’re hiking around at all, my pair was stained from the mud even after a washing them a few times.

The pictures included in this post were from a visit during the rainy season, and I could see slip marks from where others had wiped out before me all over the trails!  Fortunately I did not add to those markings… at least that time lol.

Depending on where you’re staying, getting to the forest can be a bit of a drive.  The roads to get there are sometimes narrow and do include a lot of hills.  If you’re prone to car sickness, consider taking a preventative medication or be ready for whatever trick you have to ease the ill feeling.  Views along the way are gorgeous, so hopefully you can enjoy them!
Grand Etang - Grenada
Rainy season!
Grand Etang - Grenada
Rainbow eucalyptus

This beautiful tree can be seen from the roadside nearby the rainforest.  The colors really are like the photo in person, so cool!


Grand Etang - Grenada
Banana trees
Grand Etang - Grenada
Grand Etang - Grenada
Scenic view
Grand Etang - Grenada
Grand Etang Lake
When we went hiking in Grand Etang, we went with a group and were there a couple hours.  I’ve also gone on some small group tours (2-4 people) where we drove through and got out for photo ops and to look for monkeys but did not hike.  Kind of depends on what you’re into, both ways were fun!  Driving through took less than an hour even with stops.

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