Gresham, Wisconsin-Barn Quilts-

Gresham, WI – Barn Quilts

Gresham is a Village in Shawano County, Wisconsin with a population of roughly 586 (2010).


  • ~ 50 minutes from Green Bay, WI
  • ~ 2 hours and 30 minutes from Milwaukee, WI
  • ~ 2 hours and 45 minutes from Madison, WI
  • ~ 4 hours from Chicago, IL


Exploring the Barn Quilts in Gresham, Wisconsin

In case you missed my first post about the barn quilts in Shawano County, be sure to check out the driving route I took to spot them!

After driving to Gresham, I tried plugging the addresses for the barn quilts into my phone…. but lost signal!  Fortunately they are pretty easy to find without much (or any) knowledge of the Village.

First, I turned off of Main street and right away started spotting barn quilts.  This one (below) was probably my favorite of them all in Gresham!  It was on a fence on the left side of the street (on a corner lot) as you’re heading towards the school from Main Street.  The school also had 2 barn quilts visible from the front.

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
On the corner of Schabow St & Fischer St ? Gresham, WI

Once I got situated in directions, I drove a ways down Main Street, and parked along a side street so I could get out and walk around.  I definitely recommend walking to see the barn quilts in Gresham.  There are so many of them near each other, you really don’t have to go far!


Main Street

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
1220 Main St – Gresham, WI Barn Quilts


Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
Wandering along Main Street had so much charm

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
Barn quilts on Main Street – Gresham, WI


Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
1108 Main St – Gresham, WI Barn Quilts

After wandering a ways on Main Street, I came across Riverside Park.  The area was very pretty with the river and the fall colors in the background.  Nice little break in the barn quilt search!  It would also be a pretty place to have a picnic or hang out for awhile.

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
Riverside Park – Main St. Gresham, WI

The Gresham Depot Museum is located at 1311 N Main St, which is very close to Riverside Park.  Unfortunately this museum is only open seasonally (Saturdays from 1:30-4pm in June, July, & August but be sure to verify they’re open before you plan your trip!).  The museum looked really cute, and I would have loved to have visited.  Maybe some day!

Pleasant Street

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
Pleasant St, Gresham – Shawano County, Wisconsin – Barn Quilt


Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
700 Pleasant St, Gresham – Shawano County, Wisconsin – Barn Quilt
Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
700 Pleasant St, Gresham – Shawano County, Wisconsin – Barn Quilt


There wasn’t much action on Main Street while I was there, but it was midday on a Wednesday.  I ended up going into a gas station in search of little souvenirs or snacks.  It happened to be lunch time, and I saw they had a very nice deli area in the back of the store with a variety of lunch options.  I was still hoping to find a small café or restaurant so I held off and just got some candy there.  Looking back though, that would have been a nice place to grab some food and take it over to Riverside park to eat.

Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts
Gresham, Wisconsin – Barn Quilts

After another quick look around to make sure I didn’t miss any of the barn quilts nearby, I made my way back to my car and headed to Shawano in search of more barn quilts!


Gresham, Wisconsin - Barn Quilts - Pinterest
Gresham, Wisconsin – Barn Quilts – Pinterest


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Disclaimer: I received some “Chamber bucks” to spend on food etc. at local businesses while on my trip to Shawano County, and had a discounted rate for overnight accommodations.  I picked my own itinerary based on suggestions from Shawano Country Tourism.  All opinions are my own.

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