Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Here’s a flashback to the trip my husband & I went on to Costa Rica in 2010.  We stayed at Villas Sol in Guanacaste, which was our first all-inclusive experience.  It was nice not having to worry about carrying much money around with us; and having a pretty good idea of what the whole trip would cost beforehand was a plus.  We had wonderful waiters at the restaurant, and went to a salsa lesson one evening at the hotel which was a good time.  We signed up for a kayak outing with the hotel, but the water was rough the morning we were supposed to go so it was canceled.  Better to be safe than sorry.  We still had fun lounging at the pool, and got massages one day too.

We also went on some day trips that they were advertising (a day in Nicaragua, a jungle river cruise, & a day of zip lining, horseback riding, & hot springs).  I will post more about those adventures later!

The hotel room was decorated so cool when we first arrived!

Costa Rica
Hotel towel art

We loved the views walking around the resort.

Costa Rica
Hotel Views

 But my favorite view of all:

Costa Rica
Table for two – with a view!

This was the most spectacular place to eat!  We were lucky and got to sit at the outer tables several times during our visit.  There was a nice variety of food, drinks, & desserts at every meal.  The meals were buffet style so you could try new things without committing to an entire plate, which I loved.  Annnnd, this is where my obsession with fried plantains was born.  I have tried making them at home several times, and they just don’t even come close to how amazing they were at the hotel.  If anyone has an awesome recipe, let me know!

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