Kenosha, Wisconsin – overview of upcoming posts!

My husband & I just returned from a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin and I am not kidding you when I say that I am already daydreaming about when we can go back!  Brace yourself for an upcoming flood of posts about our time in Kenosha; trust me, you’ll be planning your own visit soon!  If there is one thing I learned, it is that there is something for everyone in Kenosha, during any time of year.

Kenosha, WI

With a population of approximately 100,000 this south-eastern Wisconsin city has SO MUCH to offer for tourism.  Although I have visited Kenosha twice in the past (Jelly Belly tours!  That’s a MUST!), I’ve never really gotten a chance to explore the area.  Having lived in Illinois for a year and making frequent trips back up to Wisconsin, the iconic Mars Cheese Castle building was no stranger to me from the street side…. but can you believe I have NEVER stopped there before?!

Every time I drove by, I’d mentally add it to my Wisconsin travel bucket list and I suspect I’m not the only one to do this.  With a building and sign like it has, Mars Cheese Castle is sure to pique ones curiosity.  Now that I’ve visited, I know I’ve been missing out!!  There’s no better time to plan your trip to Kenosha, and hopefully you can get some ideas from my upcoming posts to help personalized your own adventures.



  • ~ 45 minutes from Milwaukee, WI
  • ~ 1 hour & 30 minutes from Chicago, IL
  • ~ 2 hours from Madison, WI
  • ~ 2 hours & 30 minutes from Green Bay, WI


Welcome to Wisconsin!
Welcome to Wisconsin!


Shout out to my new friends from the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitors Bureau who go above and beyond.  They were absolutely incredible in helping us plan and enjoy our time in Kenosha!  THANK YOU!   For more ideas of what to do in Kenosha, check out their website & other social media.

Stay tuned: As with previous trips, I will be writing individual posts for my favorite activities and then will post itineraries and other ideas for things to do as a wrap up post to the adventures.

Disclaimer: Our visit to Kenosha was hosted by the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.  We received overnight accommodation, and gift cards for all of our meals and activities.  However, all opinions are my own.

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