Maine has always been high on my U.S. bucket list.  It looks so gorgeous, and I love nautical adventures, lobster, whales, and nature.  After starting my research/planning for a potential trip next year I am having a hard time narrowing down what to do!

The New England states have such cool history and so many awesome sights to see that I originally wanted to do a road trip from New York to Maine (and back) and hit the main tourist stops along the way in each state.  After all the states are smaller than out west… so this should be doable, right?  Then I actually sat down and realized we’d likely only have a week, and there are SO MANY cool things to do.  So instead of trying to fit too much into the week, I’m looking more at focusing on coastal Maine tourism for this trip.

Right now I’m looking at whale calls, lighthouses, and possibly a lobster boat tour?  Definitely will want to try fresh seafood and lobster out at restaurants too.  I’m also tinkering with the idea of camping… though I’m not sure that everyone in our group would want to :)

Anyone have “must visit” places in Maine?  What have your experiences been?





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