Charlie Berens - Manitowoc Minute - Manitowoc, WI

Hey der – lets talk about Manitowoc….

… The Manitowoc Minute that is!

Since I’m continuing along on my series about things to do in Wisconsin, and I’ve recently started posting about the Two Rivers/Manitowoc area I figured this would be the perfect excuse to talk about Charlie Berens, and his fame for the “Manitowoc Minute”…. “Oh my gosh!”

Charlie Berens is a Wisconsin comedian, famous for his weekly news recaps on the “Manitowoc Minute” which are given in a gloriously beautiful and thick Sconnie accent (Check him out on youtube!)  He is also known for his voiceover/remake of the scene from Titanic with Jack & Rose discussing the cold icy water before the ship sinks.  That video is called “If Jack Dawson was Actually from Wisconsin”, and geez Louise, you just have to see it for yourself!

Anyways, since Charlie is currently touring around the great state of Wisconsin, this is the perfect excuse for a little road trip or overnight getaway to catch his show!  Plus, with this cold spell lately, it’s always a plus to take advantage of indoor activities and performances.

Charlie Berens - Manitowoc Minute - Manitowoc, WI

Tickets sell out fast!

Charlie Berens currently has several shows scheduled throughout the state in areas including: Fond du Lac, Green Bay, Sheboygan, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Madison, etc so be sure to grab your tickets “real quick once”!  I was so excited to have snagged 2 tickets to see the star of Manitowoc Minute…. in Manitowoc itself!  But boy oh boy, did those tickets sell out fast.

Charlie was HILARIOUS, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!  If you’re a Sconnie, and have a sense of humor you don’t want to miss out.  If you aren’t a Sconnie, it’s OK, you may have to “put your ear muffs on” for a bit, but you’re bound to laugh anyways!

At this point, Charlie doesn’t have any more shows scheduled for Manitowoc, but if you’re heading to the area I still highly recommend taking in a different show at the Capital Civic Center.  This was my second show at that venue.  The architecture, and details throughout the building are stunning, and seeing it is a whole experience in itself!

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