Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

Mars Cheese Castle – Kenosha, WI

If you’ve ever driven along Highway 41 between Milwaukee and Chicago, you’ve probably seen the Mars Cheese Castle building in Kenosha.  It is highly visible from the road, and with its distinct sign and architecture, it’s almost certain to catch your eye.  But, have you stopped to check it out?

Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

Every time I drive past Mars Cheese Castle, I wonder what it’s like inside, but am usually on my way somewhere and don’t have the time to stop.  Well, I’ve finally had the opportunity to explore inside the Castle while visiting Kenosha, and it’s pure magic.  If you’re a fellow Sconnie, or if you’re just someone who has an appreciation for cheese, then this is the place for you!



There were cheese samples, and tons of food mixes and jars of jam and pretty much whatever cute souvenir type food product you can dream of.

Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

Of course there was a nice selection of wine in the store too so you can perfectly pair it with your favorite cheese.

Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

I had read that Jeff Mauro, from Food Network stated that the grilled cheese sandwich (provolone and cheddar) from Mars Cheese Castle was one of his “top eight” sandwiches in the US.  So, of course we had to order a grilled cheese ourselves!  When ordering, you can pick your bread type, and TWO types of cheese.  My husband & I split a sandwich and went with Swiss & Cheddar cheese.  YUP.  DELICIOUS.  The sandwich also came with a choice of potato, so we got the potato salad, and there was a pickle wedge too.

Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

We ordered some cheese curds too.  How could we not?  Apparently they’re world-famous!  I love myself a good batch of cheese curds… but these were particularly OUTSTANDING.  For me, the thing that makes these curds stand out most is that the batter was crunchy.  The distinct difference in texture between the batter and the melty cheese was key.  Also the fact that they were served with ranch dressing was on point.  Very Wisconsin.

Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI  Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

Mars Cheese Castle is a cool place to check out.  From the food to the awesome souvenirs there truly is something for everyone.


Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI  Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI


Beer, Wine, and Cheese?  Yes, please!



Mars Cheese Castle
2800 West Frontage Road
Kenosha, Wisconsin 53144



Monday through Sunday 9:00am – 7:00pm


Mars Cheese Castle - Kenosha, WI

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Disclaimer: Our visit to Kenosha was hosted by the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.  We received overnight accommodation, and gift cards for all of our meals and activities.  However, all opinions are my own.

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