Midwest beach walk – Lake Michigan shoreline

When I think of beaches, a Midwest beach does not usually come to mind.  But, they are pretty fun there too!  Though there are many less warm days to lay out on the beach or go swimming, there is still a lot of beauty and plenty of other activities to do on the beach.

Here are a couple pictures from walking along the shores of Lake Michigan.  I love the small, perfectly smooth rocks that you can find along the sand.

Lake Michigan – Beach rocks

Lake Michigan – flat rocks

Some areas are dog friendly too!  My dogs don’t like water, but they sure loves sniffing the sand and exploring the beach with me.

This summer we’re hoping to take the dogs camping, so I’m trying to find new activities that are “dog friendly”  not sure of our destination yet (or if it will happen, since we have several other things already planned lol) but if anyone has suggestions, let me know!

Walking along Lake Michigan

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