Need a vacation but can’t get away?

Sometimes we need a vacation to take a break from things.  But, what about when money/time constraints/etc. don’t allow us to actually get away?

10 ideas if you need a break but can’t get away for more than an afternoon or a day!

  1. Go to a local park – bring a picnic, go hiking, just enjoy the atmosphere
  2. Search on-line for the top tourist attractions near you, and check them out!  So many of us explore towns far away, but not close to home.  Pretend you have company visiting and go where you would take them to sight-see
  3. Check out a museum
  4. Go to your local library – I *always* forget how great our library is!  Hang out and read a book, or magazine, check out movies, or see what classes or activities they have going on!
  5. There’s probably a restaurant or store you drive past on your way to work or that you know is down town that you always talk about going to but never get around to it… what a great time to go
  6. Sign up for a class – learn photography, how to sew, how to paint, or whatever other hobby you’re interested.  Maybe you’ll find your new favorite hobby
  7. Host a dinner party at your house – have everyone bring a food item related to a fun destination
  8. Go for a bike ride (I usually don’t like riding bikes, but when I take time to just enjoy the scenery, it’s more relaxing)
  9. See a show at a planetarium
  10. Catch a show at your local theater

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