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Packing can be a nightmare… but sometimes it can be fun too!  I love finding new little items to make a trip more streamlined, and have a few recent purchases that I’m excited to try on our next adventure.

Right now, I’m thinking about things we’ll need for our trip to Asia.  We’ll be packing carry-on only, which means limited liquids.  But, we need to bring a lot of sun screen & bug spray!  Our plan is to bring a small bottle of each, and then if needed we can purchase more when we get there… but I have traveled places before and not been able to find sunscreen OR the prices are crazy, and it’s frustrating, and nobody wants to deal with that!

So, in addition to bringing a small amount of the lotion/liquid products, I’m going to give some alternative products a try!


Tips & Products to make packing carry-on only so much easier!

Here are a few things I ordered (on Amazon) for our upcoming trip:

Mosquito/Bug spray!

I’m brining a small amount of spray, but thought these would help avoid bringing too many liquids: (pictures are links)



Again, I’m bringing a small bottle of lotion, but also this stick: (picture is a link)  This is great for packing carry-on only!


I’m bringing along some laundry detergent and plan on hand washing some clothing as needed to keep our bags light.  But, I’m debating about not bringing this… depending on how bulky it is.  It’d be good for camping in the future either way though. (picture is a link)



I’m ridiculously excited about this travel organizer… We’ll be switching hotels a bunch, and have ferry tickets and tour info and reservations etc. so there is A LOT to keep track of for this trip.  I’ll be organizing each day having its own pocket :) (picture is a link)

Travel Razor

This isn’t necessary to get for travel over a regular razor, but I bought one of these at Walmart (it was by all the travel sized toiletries).  I liked the little hard case it came in for protection while packing, and needed a new razor anyways.  BUT, of course I was disappointed when I saw that the same razor was cheaper on Amazon than what I paid at the store. (picture is a link)

Hopefully they work!  I’ll let you know after our trip :)

*This post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

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