You live & you learn :) backpacking Denali

We originally planned on staying 2 nights in Denali hiking and backcountry camping, however we packed it up after 1 night and continued on our way with the rest of our trip. Would I go back?  Absolutely.  But there are several things I’d do differently. What I’d do differently in the future: 1) Camp near … Read more

Pioneer Park: Fairbanks, Alaska

While we were in Fairbanks, we did a quick google search for things to see and do there, and Pioneer Park was high on the list!  So, we headed over there to check it out with the hour we had to spare. Not knowing really what to expect, we thought it was pretty cool.  We … Read more

Our night backcountry camping in Denali

While in Alaska, we spent 1 night backcountry camping in Denali.  It was a great experience, but much more fun to look back on than some of the hiking was in the moment haha.  Keep in mind that we are pretty new to the backpacking world, and only had day hiking experiences prior to this.  Also, we should have … Read more

North Pole, Alaska

While in Alaska, we drove up to Fairbanks, where we went to the University of Alaska Museum of the North (very cool!  will post more on the museum later) and then of course we had to make a stop at Santa Claus House, and visit North Pole, Alaska. When talking with people before our trip, several … Read more

Exit Glacier – Alaska

Lots of traveling over the past month, and very little reliable internet (hence the break in my blogging!) We recently got back from our adventures in Alaska.  We flew into Anchorage, rented a car and camped along our way.  It was a lot of fun, but there were certainly things we learned to better prepare for … Read more

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