Safari Babies!

Seeing any animal while on a game drive/safari is exciting, but there’s something extra special when there’s a baby in the group.  Here are some pictures of the young animals we saw:

Safari babies

The little warthogs were so cute!  They ran around in groups with their tails sticking straight up.


Safari babies
Baby Rhino

We observed the rhinos for awhile, and saw this little one lounging in the sun.


Safari babies

These little guys were hard to get a picture of, they were running & jumping all over the trees.


Safari babies
Baby Giraffe

This little one was also hard to get a picture of since he kept reaching down and eating from the bush in front of him.


Safari babies
Baby Cape Buffalo

This little cape buffalo was laying next to its mom.


Safari babies

And this little monkey was taking a break in between getting into trouble!


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