St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

St. Lucia – shore excursion!

St. Lucia was our 3rd port of call on our 7 day Caribbean Carnival Cruise.  Having never been there before, and pretty much all the touristy things talking about the Pitons, we decided we should see them!  If my husband could have it his way, he would be snorkeling, or SCUBA diving anytime he is near water.  Although I enjoy snorkeling, I’m more of a historical/sightseeing type of gal.  There were plenty of tour options where you could see the Pitons, however when I learned that my husband had never been on a catamaran before (and knowing his obsession with snorkeling), I insisted we do this trip: Snorkeling between the Pitons

But, first things first.  Since our guided tour had a slightly later departure time, we debarked and explored a little on our own at the port.  There was a very nice mall which had a nice variety of souvenir stores that was right at the port.  We were quickly surrounded by taxi drivers and guides looking to have us book a tour, but this settled down as the morning went on.  If we didn’t already have plans, there were a lot of other cool options.

After a little bit of shopping (and local beer tasting), we went to meet up with our tour group.  Shortly after that we boarded the catamaran, and got to sit on the mesh webbing area at the front of the boat.

Here are some pictures from our boat ride to the Pitons:


St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

And of course, the weather was a little hazy while we were snorkeling, so our underwater photos didn’t turn out very well.  And, our above water pictures with that same camera… always still had a water spot covering the lens, oh well.

St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

Here’s a picture of the famous Pitons in the distance.

St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons

Overall, I really enjoyed this excursion.  However, we were a little surprised that at the actual snorkel location there was a long section in the water marked with buoys that you had to snorkel within.  It seemed fairly crowded with snorkelers for how large the space was, which wasn’t ideal.  We had to be careful not to run into people a few times, but most of the time it was ok.


The catamaran trip back to port was relaxing, and they had water, rum punch, and snacks on board.

My big tip: Wear sunscreen, but also REAPPLY after snorkeling!  I cannot tell you how miserably fried I got after this excursion.  It was my own fault, but I’m sure I will err on the side of caution next time and reapply more often (rather than not enough)  Worst. sunburn. ever.


What to bring:

suntan lotion, towel, underwater camera, water bottle, sunglasses +/- neck strap, hat, waterproof money holder

*They do have cups of water on-board, but it’s always good to have your own on hand

*Snorkel gear was provided, but some people like to bring their own


Check out our excursions from: St. Thomas, and Barbados, and be sure to check back next week for a post about our excursion in St. Kitts!!

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St. Lucia - snorkel between the Pitons


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