Camping road trip – Iowa

Camping roadtrip, Iowa

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to do a last-minute camping excursion!  We had a birthday party in Iowa, and were planning on staying with family/friends, or possibly getting a hotel.  Then, just a day or two before leaving, we decided to make it into a camping trip!  I normally do a lot of … Read more

Minneapolis – a quick visit

sculpture park

Minneapolis is a really neat city, with such a wide variety of activities to do.  Anytime I’m in that area I try to get a trip to Ikea in, and totally loved shopping at Patina last time.  But, when I was visiting a friend, I got to see some of the other cool things in … Read more

Midwest beach walk – Lake Michigan shoreline

When I think of beaches, a Midwest beach does not usually come to mind.  But, they are pretty fun there too!  Though there are many less warm days to lay out on the beach or go swimming, there is still a lot of beauty and plenty of other activities to do on the beach. Here are a couple pictures … Read more

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