Think warm thoughts!

We’ve been so lucky in the Midwest this year for having a fairly mild fall.  Well yesterday was the first snap of reality that it is in fact the end of November, and winter is almost here.  Today followed suit as well.  Yuck. I’ve been tied up with work/school lately which has kept me from … Read more

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Chicago, IL

Medieval Times

Ever since watching “The Cable Guy” years ago, I have wanted to see what Medieval Times was all about!  I finally got my chance a couple of months ago, when my husband and I made a trip to Chicago.  We waited for a coupon (which we saw on their actual website) before booking our tickets … Read more

Universal Studios! – Orlando, FL

Universal Studios - Orlando, FL

Daydreaming of Orlando today.  This past summer was my first time visiting Universal Studios, and it was awesome!  We only had 1 day to spare while in the area, so it was a big debate on whether to go to a Disney park, or Universal.  Both my husband and I have been to Disney, but neither … Read more

Airboat ride – Florida Everglades

Airboat ride

This past summer while visiting the east coast of Florida, we excitedly booked an airboat ride in the everglades through Sawgrass Recreation Park in Weston.  In addition to the airboat rides, they also have some wildlife exhibits.  We got there close to when those exhibits would be closing for the day, but still did a brief … Read more

Parasailing in Captiva

Parasailing was completely different than I expected.  We went with YOLO in Captiva Island several years ago, and it was awesome! We waded out to the boat, hopped on board, and drove a ways out before gearing up for the first riders.   When it was our turn, we got the harnesses on and we took off … Read more

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