What’s in my bag? – Gold panning supplies

I love searching for treasures!  When I was young I went panning for gold while in Colorado with my family & couldn’t wait to try it again.  I finally got a chance when we were in Alaska this summer, so of course, I couldn’t wait to get some of my own gear. *Disclaimer: Do your research … Read more

TBT – up close & personal!

When my husband & I were in Costa Rica a few years back, we went on a jungle river boat ride.  We were hoping to see some monkeys or crocodiles, or any animals really.  I was imagining needing binoculars to see the animals…. for some, yes… but not for the capuchin monkeys!   These monkeys … Read more

Riverboat Discovery – Fairbanks, Alaska

On our trip to Alaska this past summer, we did a Riverboat Discovery boat tour, and it was AWESOME!  It was a three-hour tour (so of course I had the Gilligan’s Island theme song in my head all afternoon haha) and it was so much cooler than words can describe.  But, I’ll tell you about it … Read more

Blackwater River – Northwest FL

While visiting the Pensacola area a few years ago, we heard about Blackwater Canoe Rental in Milton, FL.  It sounded like a fun time, so we decided to give the tube rental a try. Tube & Canoe rentals   It was so relaxing floating down the river.  Very beautiful surroundings, and some nice beach spots … Read more

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