Singapore (day 3) itinerary & 1/2 day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Singapore day 3

On our 3rd day in Singapore we stayed at the Ramada at Zhongshan Park.  The hotel was really nice and had a shopping center attached to it with a wide variety of restaurants.  It was extremely convenient to have so many options nearby when we needed a quick snack. Singapore Itinerary – Day 3   … Read more

Singapore Zoo (Day 7)

On our first night in Singapore, we went to the Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo, it was a cool experience.  In addition to the tram ride and walking through the zoo, they had an educational program about nocturnal animals.  Sadly, we did not attend that show since we were super exhausted from all the … Read more

Singapore – Day 6

Day 6 in Singapore

Singapore River Cruise On the 6th day of our trip to Singapore, we finally made it down to the river front and did a Singapore River Cruise!  This was high on my list of things to do, and was a lot of fun.  The boat had a video and recording that played as we went … Read more

Singapore – Day 2


After our 1st day of adventures in Singapore, we were feeling a little more rested.  We spent the night at the Village hotel in Changi, which has an awesome Hawker Centre that is about a 2 minute walk away.  (Also check out: 30 hours in Bintan, Indonesia, day trip to Malaysia, Day 6, and Singapore Zoo) … Read more

Singapore – Day 1

Singapore - Marina Bay Sands Hotel Skypark

Awhile back there was a HUGE sale on flights to Singapore.  We were already looking into doing a fall vacation, and I’d looked into some stateside destinations at the time.  But, when the sale came up (and flights were somehow cheaper to Singapore than most of the other places nearby I was looking at…) we … Read more

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