My escape:


One of my favorite things to do to “get away” from the stresses and demands of daily life is to kayak.  There is something so peaceful & calming about being out in the middle of a lake jut floating.  Or, paddling along a river exploring the surroundings from a different perspective.  I love watching the … Read more

Midwest beach walk – Lake Michigan shoreline

When I think of beaches, a Midwest beach does not usually come to mind.  But, they are pretty fun there too!  Though there are many less warm days to lay out on the beach or go swimming, there is still a lot of beauty and plenty of other activities to do on the beach. Here are a couple pictures … Read more

Campfire cooking – my favorite meal to make while camping

I love campfire cooking and we have tried several different things, but my favorite “go to” dinner to make while camping includes: pizza pudgy pies, vegetables, and for dessert… pudgy pie pie… or whatever you want to call it lol. Here’s what we normally do: Vegetables These take quite awhile to cook on the fire … Read more

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