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Spring and summer are awesome times for exploring Wisconsin.  The weather is (generally) beautiful, and there are tons of lakes and outdoorsy activities to enjoy.  Even if you aren’t a fan of the outdoors, there are a lot of cool museums, places to shop, and wineries.  You can find something for everyone in Wisconsin that time of year.

Although fall & winter definitely have their perks and their own type of beauty (gorgeous colors of fall as the leaves change, or lightly snow dusted trees….), I tend to ease back on travel.  For me, the fall and winter seasons, seem to drag on with the shorter days, cold weather, and less outings.  This year however, I am bound and determined to stay out of the winter funk.  There are so many areas of Wisconsin I have yet to visit that would be easy to make a day trip or short weekend adventure out of.

Sadly, I run into the same problem every fall.  When I go in search of different activities, I realize most things I’m interested in (many of the little museums for example) are only open seasonally.  So, I am in search of fun trips in Wisconsin that are open year round!

Stay tuned as I share my experiences while searching for things to do, and little “getaways” in Wisconsin during the fall & winter!

What are your favorite things to do, and places to explore in Wisconsin during these seasons?


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