What’s in my bag? – Gold panning supplies

I love searching for treasures!  When I was young I went panning for gold while in Colorado with my family & couldn’t wait to try it again.  I finally got a chance when we were in Alaska this summer, so of course, I couldn’t wait to get some of my own gear.

*Disclaimer: Do your research on locations before panning for gold. Some areas allow it and others don’t!*

Here’s what I used:

(This is an affiliate link for amazon.  The gear I used, I purchased myself through Amazon, and these are my own opinions)

Of course, the pan. These come in plastic or metal. I chose plastic since I’d be hiking with it. Also, it was lighter weight (very important for backpacking!) and could double as a little bowl for water. I thought the metal options looked really cool, but I worried about them rusting and getting my gear gross. Though when I went in Colorado, we used metal, and they were great. Probably personal preference.

Tweezers & magnifying glass combo: great to sort through and nab smaller pieces if you think you see them. Also, another tool useful to have in our camping bin for future use, perhaps for insect bites or stings.

Snuffer: good to get those little gold flakes & transfer them into the vials

Vials: These are handy for little flakes or gold pieces so they don’t get lost!

I wish we would have had more time to pan for gold on our most recent trip, but things were pretty crammed to begin with. Didn’t have much luck, but it was still fun!

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