cat in tree

What’s your travel style? – take the time

When I plan a trip, I generally try to pack everything I possibly can into each day.  Why? “Who knows if we’ll get here again!”  And although that mindset is a great way to get out and see touristy things, it also probably prevents us from seeing details, and truly taking in the beauty of our surroundings.  It’s always nice to have a couple calmer, lower key days mixed into a vacation to re-coop and take it all in.  Like “they” say: “take time to smell the roses”

So, what prompted me to write this?  I was walking along during a quiet part of the day, and felt a little “watched”  so I look over my shoulder, and see this cat hanging out in the tree.  I stopped for a minute, smiled, and continued on my way.  But, intentionally walked past that tree again on my way home, only to see this cat leisurely snoozing up there.  Had I been in a huge rush, I wouldn’t have seen him.  Which makes me wonder, how much do I usually miss?

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