Zika virus

I am not a medical doctor, but have been following the news related to the Zika virus and what that can mean with pregnancy.

In trying to stay informed I inquired at a recent visit to my primary care provider about travel locations and what a “safe window” after exposure to the virus would be when trying to get pregnant.  I was referred to the CDC map of areas at risk of Zika & their website. (be sure to check the website for updated information, and discuss these issues with your own doctor before you travel!)  The site is very helpful, and you can type in your specific travel location for more details.

I was also told the recommended time frame for a female to wait when trying to get pregnant after travel to areas at risk.

Nothing was mentioned about the time frame a MALE should wait when trying to conceive with his partner after he has had exposure to Zika.  This was rather surprising because after that discussion, I learned that the time frame a male should (currently) wait after exposure is THREE TIMES longer than the time a female should wait!  Yikes!  That’s a pretty important piece of information to know.

Since the research populations on Zika virus/pregnancy are rather small, I decided not to include the current recommendations on this post as they may change with more studies.  Check out the CDC’s website for the most current recommendations, and discuss the matter with a travel doctor.

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