Carnvial Cruise

Carnival Cruise!

After much research into different cruise lines and routes, we booked (& recently returned from) a 7 day cruise through Carnival.  I’ve spent a lot of time in the Caribbean, but had never done a cruise before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pretty excited.

I’ve been hesitant to book cruises in the past due to my history of motion sickness (on smaller vessels), and needless to say was a little concerned I’d be in a perpetual state of motion sickness for a week on the boat.  Fortunately, I didn’t have a problem!  I brought along everything I could think of to prevent, and ease/treat motion sickness but most of it went untouched.

I purchased these wrist bands (link on picture below) which I heard were helpful in preventing motion sickness, and my husband overheard someone on the ship looking for one for her son who was not feeling well, so we gave them one of ours.  Later on in the trip, they spotted us and said the wrist band had really helped!  They even did a shore excursion with ATVs (I think?) and her son did well!  I wore the other band in the pack for one or two nights that were a little rougher, even though I wasn’t feeling sick, I felt like it helped me not feel so sensitive to all the ship movement too.

So back to the cruise!  I was particularly excited about the specific one we booked due to the large number of destinations we’d be visiting in a short amount of time.  Here was the itinerary:

Puerto Rico –> St. Thomas –> {Day at sea} –> Barbados –> St. Lucia –> St. Kitts –> St. Martin –> Puerto Rico

We did shore excursions at each stop, and I plan to write about each one on its own in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!  Snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, and exploring caves were some of our many adventures!

I will also be blogging about all the amazing things we did on the ship, once I unpack and find all my schedules and notes :)  They had so many incredibly talented performers, and hilarious shows, as well as bingo, trivia, casino games, etc. etc. etc.  OH, and THE FOOD!  And formal nights…. so many things.  Here’s a look at the upper deck of the Carnival Fascination with the water slide:

Carnival Cruise         Carnival Cruise










Finally, I will be compiling a packing list with links for things we found helpful to have along for our trip.  Including things you’ll need if you get sunburned!  And no, I’m not just talking about aloe, etc.

I see why “they” (whoever “they” are) say “once you go on a cruise you’ll be hooked”.  I can’t wait to book another!

Check back next week to see about our adventures in St. Thomas!!

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