Supertree Grove, Singapore


We just returned from a trip to Singapore, and although I’m quite tired (getting home took 44 hours of travel time when you add together flights, layovers, and driving) I am sitting here organizing pictures & blogging instead of cleaning the house… Well, at least I’ve unpacked *mostly* and have a couple loads of laundry going…

Back in the Spring there was a big sale on flights to Singapore, and interestingly it has been on my “top 10” list of countries I’d like to visit for quite awhile.  With flights as reasonable as they were at the time (less expensive than many continental US locations we were originally looking into for vacation), we quickly booked the trip.

In addition to touring around Singapore, we did a day trip to Malaysia, and also stayed overnight in Bintan, an Indonesian island that’s only about a 1 hour ferry ride away.

Each day was jam packed full of sightseeing which I’ll be posting details about over the next several weeks so stay tuned!


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